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Robo WordQuest/Robo WordQuiz Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers the apps "Robo WordQuest" and "Robo WordQuiz".

  • Robo WordQuest and Robo WordQuiz were developed at The University of Newcastle, Australia and are managed/updated by Shamus Smith.
  • These apps do not require a login, user name, email address or involve the collection of any personal information. These apps do not collect user data or transmit any data outside the apps.
  • Once downloaded and installed, these apps do not need access to/or use of the Internet. App updates are only available via the Apple App Store (iOS version), Google Play (Android version) or direct download (PC and Oculus versions). These apps do not access third party services and there is no data transfer to third party services.
  • These apps may store app data, such as current and recent game scores/achievements, game progress or user interface configuration, but only on the local device and only for use within the app. No data is exported outside these apps. Collected data is explicit in the apps, as shown as current game scores or represented in user interface customisation.
  • These apps and all app data can be deleted by removing the app from the installed device.
  • Any changes to the privacy policy of this app will be updated on

  • The effective date of this privacy policy is 29 August 2019.