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  • Robo WordQuest app Robo WordQuest. Join Captain Rusty, the robo-dog, exploring different dimensions of a virtual world to gather energy cells to repair your crashed spaceship. Collect 250+ items and achievements across three dimensions by exploration and completion of literacy exercises related to punctuation use and paragraph construction. Available free to download now.
    Robo WordQuest on iTunes App Store
    Robo WordQuest project page is here.

  • Apostrophe Power app Apostrophe Power. When apostrophes leave you confused, bored or both, recharge with the Apostrophe Power game. It’s fun, fast, easy to play, and a great way to get better at using apostrophes. Available free to download now.
    Apostrophe Power on iTunes App Store Apostrophe Power on Google Play

  • Sentence Hero app Sentence Hero. Do punctuation and grammar leave you feeling flat? Grab an energy boost with the Sentence Hero game. It’s the fun, fast and easy-to-play way to help you get your writing right. Available free to download now.
    Sentence Hero app on iTunes App Store Sentence Hero on Google Play

  • Uni Tune In app Uni Tune In. This free app gives handy hints on note-taking, understanding assessment, reading research papers, academic writing and much, much more. The videos are integrated into the app so no internet is needed. For a great start, Tune In To Uni.
    Uni Tune In on iTunes App Store Uni Tune In on Google Play


  • You Tube icon The Seahorse Project: Study Skill Resources for University and College Students. A wide range of fun and informative video resources addressing learning, well-being and technology at university. Visit the YouTube channel with free resources available for integration into learning support and courses.



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